Garland Manufacturing Company manufactures Gar-Dur® UHMW plastic profiles, custom machined parts, and a product line of mallets and soft faced hammers.

The plastic profiles and custom machined products are made from UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) materials. GAR-DUR® UHMW plastic products are highly abrasion resistant with an extremely low coefficient of friction and high impact strength. This material can be custom extruded or machined into custom profiles or shapes.

Garland Manufacturing Company offers a full line of soft face mallets and hammers. These soft faced hand tools are produced by Garland in a variety of materials, weights, sizes, and shapes. Garland's rawhide mallets are made of tough, long-wearing water buffalo rawhide. These Mallet and Soft Faced Hammer products are ideal for use in non-marring applications.

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