Gar-Dur® UHMW applications for Transportation Industry
Land, Sea and Air

Transportation Industry

Applications in the Transportation Industry Land, Sea and Air

  • Trucking OEM, hood wear plates
  • Spring wear pads and rollers
  • Trunnion bushings, isolator parts and washers
  • Truck bed slip plates, fifth wheel plates
  • Auto fuel tank protectors and tank isolators
  • Control cable guides
  • Door bearings and latches, door guides
  • Bumpers
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Aircraft ski facings
  • Air hose couplings
  • Bucket elevator guides
  • Gibs for friction rails for escalators and forward ramps
  • Railroad coupler wear plate, bolster bowl wear plate
  • Tie plate, insulated rail joints
  • Uncoupling lever box
  • Rear mirror bearings
  • Sand & salt spreader bushings
  • Ship rudder bearings, shaft seals
  • Sail tracks, wheel steering bushings and blocks
  • Snowmobile slide rails and drive sprockets
  • Snowplows cutting edges
  • Submarine antenna bushings
  • Tank and rail car liners
  • Winch wear plates
  • Dock facings and fenders
  • Bridge pier protection elements
  • Car wash conveyor rollers
  • Wheel protectors

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