GAR-DUR® UHMW Machined Parts

Made from UHMW Polymer, a material so advanced…
It will outperform metal at a fraction of the cost.

GAR-DUR® UHMW Machined Parts

GAR-DUR® plastic parts are made from ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polymer having a molecular weight of 4.2 million and greater. Garland Manufacturing Company has been processing UHMW resin for over 45 years. This true UHMW polymer is excellent for resisting abrasion and corrosion while contributing a low coefficient of friction.

Fabricated Gar-Dur® parts have helped companies improve performance, reduce downtime, eliminate the need for lubrication, replace steel parts and lower their operating costs.


GAR-DUR® machined parts are being used in mining, pulp and paper operations, refrigeration, chemical plants, material handling industries, and automotive assembly plants to name just a few. In fact, if you have metal parts that should be replaced with non-corroding, quiet, longer-lasting parts, Garland can probably custom-machine them for you.


GAR-DUR® is designed to function in corrosive and chemical environments, in extreme cold and where abrasion resistance is a desirable factor. It is durable, has a very low coefficient of friction and high impact resistance, it is much quieter than metals, and it won’t absorb fluids.


Wastewater. The Coney Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in New York uses GAR-DUR® materials for wear rails, wear shoes, scraper blades, and sprockets. In this harsh environment, this special UHMW polymer doesn’t need to be replaced as often, doesn’t absorb fluids, and won’t allow sludge to adhere to its surfaces. It keeps the machinery working smoothly without lubrication and without the major amounts of downtime experience when metal parts were in use.

Material Handling Machinery and Systems. Low friction, noise abatement, energy savings and reduced maintenance are some of the reasons GAR-DUR® parts are used in automated and non-automated materials handling equipment and systems.

General Machine USE. Self-lubrication, wear resistance and noise and shock suppression are the principal reasons that UHMW polymer parts are used extensively in machining designs.

Other Applications:
  • Bushings
  • Cams and Followers
  • Feedscrews
  • Gear
  • Idlers
  • Pulleys
  • Rotating Bearings and Seals
  • Sliding Bearings
  • Sprockets
  • Wheels
  • Many others.

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