GAR-DUR® UHMW Profile Extrusions

Made from UHMW Polymer, a material so advanced…
It will outperform metal at a fraction of the cost.

GAR-DUR® UHMW Profile Extrusions
GAR-DUR® plastic extrusions are made from ultra high molecular weight polymer having a molecular weight of 4.2 million and greater. This true UHMWP has been resisting abrasion and corrosion while contributing a low coefficient of friction since the mid-1950’s. GAR-DUR® extrusions have been used successfully for years in snowmobile drive suspension systems. When a material can take this grueling operation of handling friction and grit, in sub-zero temperatures, it must be tough. Since it has been successful in this application, other material handling applications are a simple task for this polymer.


GAR-DUR® fights abrasion and corrosion while contributing a low coefficient of friction. It weights 1/7 the weight of steel, 1/3 the weight of aluminum, and outwears abrasion-resistant steel 3 to 1. The coefficient of friction is 0.14 or lower and the material does not require lubrication.


It is presently used in the material handling industry, as component parts in conveyor lines in the automotive industry, lumbering, food/beverage packaging, and other industries which require a tough, wear-resistant material. GAR-DUR® is tough and is processed in specially designed equipment using precision engineered dies. Design and construction of these dies warrants volume to justify their costs. Extruded lengths can be cut into shorter lengths and made in fabricated parts such as wear shoes, bearing blocks, sleeved bearing and thousands of other wear-resistant products.


GAR-DUR® is the industry leader in stock shapes. In addition to custom-made parts, many stock shapes are also available in a variety of sizes; boards, bars, angles, rod, sheet stock. Rod stock up to 8″ diameter, tube stock up to 6 1/2″ diameter, boards and bars 10 feet and longer.


GAR-DUR® extruded shapes can be custom made to the customer’s specifications. They can be fabricated into many parts for the aerospace and robotics industries, wastewater treatment plants, conveyor operations, and thousands of other applications. Custom shapes are constantly being developed to meet the specific needs of Garland customers. To save costs, prototype profiles are engineered for testing purposes before a proprietary die is built for production. Virtually any extruded or machined part can be tailor-made for customers.

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