GAR-DUR® Bonding

A Material So Advanced…
It Will Outperform Metal at a Fraction of the Cost.


Criteria for Adhesive Selection

In selecting the best adhesive system for boarding Gar-Dur® polymer in a particular application, the following important criteria must be considered:

  • Type, severity and duration of stress and environment to which the bonded joint will be subjected.
  • Size and shape of the joint.
  • Substrate to which the Gar-Dur® polymer will be bonded.
  • Time, temperature and pressure conditions available for producing a satisfactory bond.
  • Availability of bonding equipment.
  • Cost.


Use two part epoxy cement or neoprene based cement.

  1. Clean both surfaces well – such as with alcohol to eliminate even fingerprint oil.
  2. Roughen both surfaces – one side of the plastic and one side of whatever you are going to adhere to.
  3. Oxidize the surface of the plastic with an open flame; such as a hand held Benzomatic torch – just a couple of quick passes – do not blister the material.
  4. Apply adhesive to both surfaces – allow to dry until it becomes tacky.
  5. ress pieces together and clamp lightly – allow to sit overnight.

Product Safety

Products cited herein may be considered hazardous under the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations promulgated thereunder, including the hazardous Standard of November 25, 1983. Material Safety Data Sheets should be obtained prior to use of these products and users’ employees informed of their contents.

Nominal Lap Shear Values at 73°F for Adhesives Bonding Gar-Dur® UHMW Polymer to Cold-Rolled Steel
Adhesive Designation Adhesive Type Nominal Lap Shear Value Range, (a) psi
Bostik 7087 Epoxy 650-750
EA 9450 Epoxy 700-750
EA 9412 Epoxy 650-700
Tra-Bond 2143D Polyimide/Epoxy 700-750
Bostik 7241 Polyester base + isocyanate curing agent 700-750
Bostik 7133 Urethane base + isocyanate curing agent 700-750
Plastilock 601 Rubber/phenolic 450-500 (b)
Scotch Grip 4693 Elastomer solution, contact 40-65 (b)
(a) All specimens were tested using a crosshead speed of 2 in./min. unless otherwise noted.
(b) Tested using a crosshead speed of 0.5 in./min.
Manufacturers of Adhesive Bonding Systems
Adhesive Designation Manufacturer
Bostik 7087 Bostik 7133 Bostik Corp. Chemical Division Middleton, MA 01949
Tra-Bond 2143D Tra-Con Inc. Resin Systems Division Medford, MA 02155
EA 9412 EA 9460 Dexter Corp. Hysol Division Olean, NY 14760
Plastilock 601 B.F. Goodrich Company Adhesive Products Division Akron, OH 44309
Scotch Grip 4693 3M Company Adhesives, Coatings & Sealers Division St. Paul, MN 55101

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